Other Domains we offer services

* Embedded Systems
* Multimedia Technologies
* Wired/Wireless Technologies
* EDA Software Development
* Application Development
* Enterprise Solutions

Multimedia Technologies

* OpenMAX
* Open GL
* Media Playback/recording/RTSP, RTP.
* DirectShow, DirectX
* GStreamer
* Codec software development and porting to specific architectures

Wired / Wireless Technologies

* In-door and Out-door WiFi
* 802.11a/b/g/s
* Network drivers
* TCP/IP middle ware solutions
* Client-Server based Enterprise solutions
* Expertise in HostAP and MadWifi.

Application Development

At ArijaSoft, we provide Application development based on J2EE and .Net

* J2EE
* .NET Technologies
* J2ME based mobile applications development — Media Playback/record/stream; SMS based app; Bluetoothbased apps
* We have so far delivered TTPlyaer, SMSGateWay server, SMS apps, BluetoothBroadcaster

Enterprise Solutions

* Enterprise Server platforms
* Enterprise Storage Technologies

* SAS, SCSI and FC storage
* RAID cards and technologies

* Enterprise Networking Technologies

* 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet
* Myrinet 10G solutions
* Infniband technologies

* Scalable File Systems like Clustered NAS, parallel file systems, clustered file systems
* Application porting, optimization and system sizing
* Server and Storage consolidation


* IPTV software Development in all phases of IPTV eco-system
* Video On Demand
* Content Creation, Content aggregation, IPTV Client software stack, IPTV OSS billing software development, IPTV application development

Embedded Systems

* Embedded system Development
* Board Bring up
* Driver Development ( Embedded Linux, WinCE, RTOS)
* Embedded Systems Middleware development
* Smartcard applications developmen