Our Esteemed Customers

The following are some of our prestigious customers of Arijasoft.

Each of the Customer has its own product and uniqueness of the project.

1. AVOT Media (www.avotmedia.com)

2. H1 Studio ( www.h1studio.com)

3. Arts Convergence MediaArtsconvergenceMediaLLC)

4. Taray Technologies (www.tarayinc.com)

5. StreamItAll.com (www.streamitall.com)

6. BluMedialab.com B.V. (www.blumedialab.com)

7. MeBeam (www.mebeam.com)

8. IconDial (www.icondial.com)

9. c4mprod(www.c4mprod.com)

10.Cristonica Technologies Inc, Yorktown, NY, US,(www.cristonica.com)

11.Z180 Radio(www.z180radio.com)

12.WFMU Radio(http://www.wfmu.org)

13.GIGIGO Radio(http://www.gigigo.com)